Uncover KRK Island, Croatia

Krk is the largest of the Croatian islands and is connected to the mainland by a bridge. One of the many attractions about the island is its diversity. With a large range of different landscapes, the popular island, nicknamed the “Golden Island”,can cater to tourists with a variety of different interests.

The beaches located on Krk are described as the highlight of the island. The beaches range from popular, open beaches with crystal clear water perfect for snorkelling, to more secluded, smaller beaches suited to a romantic island getaway. Various beaches around the island also offer scuba diving and canoeing, as well as boat tours that can be enjoyed with relaxing sight-seeing, or more adventurous fishing trip. The diversity offered by the beaches alone, make Krk the perfect place for a family get away as there will be plenty to keep every member of the family happy.

Another highlight of Krk Island is the many different adventure parks located around the island. The most popular of all the parks include the 3 Ariel adventure parks, which offer ziplining across the landscape of the island, allowing tourists to take in almost the entire view of the island from the pristine beaches to the small mountains. The underwater park located in Punat offers a unique underwater adventure which includes the exploration of a sunken boat as well as a small reef.

For the tourists interested in the culture and history of the island, Krk provides many different attractions to explore and learn more. From the large number of landmarks including old churches, cathedrals and buildings such as the Vrbnik, to the Frankopancaslte which can be explored. More natural structures such as the various caves located on the island provide a look back into the timely landscape. The caving tours prove to be a popular choice for the avid adventurer. The various statues and known to be friendly locals give tourists a real feel for the unique culture.

Whether you’re an adventurer, a history buff or simply a traveller who enjoys a relaxing holiday, Krk Island has something special for everyone to enjoy.